Perks Series

Web Dev Jones | Website Development by Devon E. Jones

The Perks Series

When I’m working with clients I have to get to know them and their business pretty intimately – their style, their drive, their likes, and dislikes. Getting to know people across the business spectrum has become my favorite job perk.

Web Dev Jones | Website Development by Devon E. Jones

Devon E. Jones | Website Developer

Website development is my second career. I spent 10 years as a nurse working in non-profit, primary care, and medical surgical/ hospice/ oncology. I loved the service of nursing but was unable to find the autonomy I needed to help raise my kids. Website development has given me this.

Beyond my work, I keep a packed house! My husband and I have three kids, two dogs, and a cat named Mark. It can be a little crazy so we try to slip away whenever we can to enjoy a quiet beer together.

My Philosophy

My family is full of blue collar people. When I’m building a new website I imagine I’m working for them, keeping the process simple, functional, and clean.